Serve Somebody

It strikes me that we have a choice (as Bob Dylan and Joshua would say) to serve somebody.

And in this online world perhaps we can come unstuck about who we serve and what ‘He’s’ like.

It seems as though social media sets itself up to via for my service and my affections, and those messages we are getting – they couldn’t be more different:

Social Media says – work harder, do more, promote better, one platform is not enough, you need to do more

Jesus says – come to me, I am the way and there is only one way and I have made it for you, I will give you rest….

Social Media says – you need more followers, you are only significant if lots of people know your name and think you are wonderful, your worth is the number of people that follow you

Jesus says – not a sparrow falls to the ground without my Father noticing it. What the world never notices matters. See I have engraved you on the palm of my hands, your walls are ever before me. My thoughts to you are precious and too numerous to count and by the way I don’t just notice you, I know how many hairs are on your head.

Social Media says – you need a better body, house, car, husband, life, holiday, a shinier blog… more, more, more and you aren’t getting it

Jesus says – who of you by worrying can change a single thing about your self? Contentment with Godliness is great gain. I am enough.

Social Media says – what you have isn’t good enough until it’s polished and shiny and perfect and you need to have a lot to offer or no-one will be interested

Jesus says – those 2 tiny pennies are worth more than any of the enormous offerings anyone put in, those little pennies mean more.

and maybe just maybe we have exchanged in our hearts the value of His love for the values of social media… and perhaps we define our worth by our followers instead of the One we follow.

maybe it’s time to make a choice that for me, and my self worth….. we’re going to bind ourselves the One who calls us not to slave-ship but to kinship…


6 thoughts on “Serve Somebody

  1. Oh Miriam – yes yes yes! You have expressed exactly the thoughts I have in my head and heart about this topic beautifully! Thank you for sharing this so eloquently xx


  2. this is absolutely beautiful and perfectly put. I read yesterday that all the other voices in our lives are like dust in our mouths but Jesus has the words of true value, true flavour, living water, refreshing.


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