Friday Eleven – for Peace

Friday Blessing: For Peace

When sorrows come like waves on the shore and when your world is groaning under the weight of despair,

May Peace whisper quiet from the shadows and keep company with your heart in every beat.

When justice seems delayed and fairness denied,

May Peace give strength to your resolve to speak truth with love and courage.

When all feels unattainable and fear looms large on your horizons,

May the Prince of Peace gather you in His arms and reassure you the story is not finished and His Presence will be with you – always.

eleven peace

Thinking of you wherever you find yourself today. May the Peace of God be a fortress around your heart and keep you anchored in whatever storms may come your way.

All the love

Miriam x


Friday Ten – for Leading

It’s a lonely job, leading. There’s a higher standard and a heavier load and I’m sure the voices of disagreement and disappointment ring much louder than the voices of encouragement.

I am so privileged to know and love some amazing leaders.

For Leading:

May you find strength for the task ahead of you,

deep compassion for the ones whose lives you influence.

May you have deep sources of wisdom to draw from 

and faithful friends to champion your cause.

May humility cloak you, courage give you strength, and love sustain even in the darkest of times.

May your efforts bear fruit beyond your hopes and may you always know what it is to be led yourself.

Friday 9 leading

If you have a leader who has faithfully and generously led you in your life, profession or family – take time to thank them, bless them or pray for them today.

Hebrews 13 v 17

Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.

Friday: For Inspiration

Dear creative hearts,

Today I want to bless you in your creative pursuits. I am so encouraged by the story of Bezalel – filled with the Spirit of God for the express purpose of creativity.


For Inspiration:

May you know the deep wellsprings of life that bubble up from creative expression,

May your creative works bring life and encouragement to others

and may your ear ever be tuned to whispers of life and inspiration in all you do.


Friday Eight: For Searching

Our lives are not a one time arrival. We search for so many things – great and small. The lost keys, the purpose of life. St Augustine penned one of my favourite ever quotes, ‘Our hearts are made for you and they are restless until they find their rest in you.’

Maybe your search today is small.

Maybe you’ve tired of looking for the big thing that seems impossible to find.

Today I want to bless you in the search.

For Searching

May you have courage to look in unexpected places, to keep your mind and heart open to trying again, and again.

May you have humility to release your previous misconceptions when you find unexpected answers.

May your journey bring you the things you seek and more than you could have imagined,

and may you have the joy of finding those who ask find, those who seek discover and those that knock find the door opened and themselves welcomed in.

friday 8 searching

Today and always may we be unafraid of asking questions, listening to advice and may there be unexplainable joy in the finding.

so much love and affection for you today, wherever you find yourself.

Friday Seven: For Joy

It sounds so simple joy, three little letters. Like some sweet old lady who knits booties and hums  about Saints Marching In. Like air bubbles wiggling their way to the top as a plastic bottle is submerged at children’s bath time. Like some sweet, fleeting thing – a kite let go that escapes with a gust of wind, but I think it’s more.

Joy is the thing that holds us fast when we are anything but happy. Joy can still sing a song to our hearts when sorrows are heavy in our lap. Joy sustains.

Today I want to bless you with joy.

For Joy:

May you have joy that remains in the midst of difficulty,

and your heart be continually served a feast of joy.

May you know a joy that sustains and strengthens you all the days of your life,

and when your heart is heavy may you have friends to help you find the source of supernatural joy once more.

friday seven joy

Joy for you today, and always dear hearts.


Friday Six: When You Feel Small

Hello Dear Hearts,

Today I want to bless you for those times when you feel small. The times you inadvertently blurt out the wrong thing, when someone shames you, when you feel embarrassed by your own lack. The times you have no quick reply and you feel the shrinking of shame and the burn of hurt and anger.

For When You Feel Small:

May you know the solidarity of others who feel shame with you,

May you have grace to forgive the one who hurts and shames you, even when you are that person.

May you have courage to stand, head high, knowing all of us have been found wanting.

May your heart tell truth that this feeling shall too pass and this damage is not irrevocable.

And may God whisper encouragement that He specialises in choosing the weak to shame the wise.

friday 6

Today may we all be givers of grace and receivers of kindness, remembering we are all weak, imperfect and wonderfully made.


Friday Five: For the Wounded Heart

My heart has been whispering comfort to you this week. It’s been standing next to you wounded ones. Don’t we all become wounded on this journey? And aren’t we all guilty of the words that fly too soon from their quiver and damage another dear heart?

Blessing for the Unjustly Wounded:

When unjust words pierce deeper than skin,

when judgements come to you like torpedoes and leave emotional debris scattered across your heart,

May you know Jesus betrayed and denied by the ones he loved intimately.

May His love beat loud in your heart – accepted, justified, known, noticed.

May you have all the measure of grace you need to guard your heart, to forgive, to live free of bitterness,

and may you be increased in the pain – may your life song sing louder the sweet notes of grace and kindness when given to the ones who deserve them least.

friday 5 wounded

May we all live through the hurt – not above it, not sunken by it, but through it – feeling it’s sting yet secure that we are loved, that justice is real. And may we each be made stronger in the difficulty of choosing forgiveness.

In it all may we always remember the generous, undeserved forgiveness we have been so freely and lavishly served.


Friday Four: For Peace

It can be all too easy to start the year holding on to calm when we are on holiday and relaxed – then reality comes crashing in and all that peace we thought was ours to keep, disappears.

If your peace has vanished like a vapour this is my blessing for you.

A Blessing for Peace

May you have the courage to stop and be still in the midst of pressing deadlines,

May your heart beat loud the message you are loved outside of what you do and achieve,

May there be a silence that defeats the roaring of voices, waves and earthquakes,

and in the silence may you hear the whisper of the One who promises Peace that goes deeper than all understanding.

May Peace stand as a gatekeeper at the doorway of your heart and drive away anxious, fearful, stressed out thoughts – today and always.

friday 4 peace

When turmoil seeks to overwhelm may you feel sure in all the promises you have been given. May we all ask for and receive the Peace we are promised.