Friday Eleven – for Peace

Friday Blessing: For Peace

When sorrows come like waves on the shore and when your world is groaning under the weight of despair,

May Peace whisper quiet from the shadows and keep company with your heart in every beat.

When justice seems delayed and fairness denied,

May Peace give strength to your resolve to speak truth with love and courage.

When all feels unattainable and fear looms large on your horizons,

May the Prince of Peace gather you in His arms and reassure you the story is not finished and His Presence will be with you – always.

eleven peace

Thinking of you wherever you find yourself today. May the Peace of God be a fortress around your heart and keep you anchored in whatever storms may come your way.

All the love

Miriam x


Friday Four: For Peace

It can be all too easy to start the year holding on to calm when we are on holiday and relaxed – then reality comes crashing in and all that peace we thought was ours to keep, disappears.

If your peace has vanished like a vapour this is my blessing for you.

A Blessing for Peace

May you have the courage to stop and be still in the midst of pressing deadlines,

May your heart beat loud the message you are loved outside of what you do and achieve,

May there be a silence that defeats the roaring of voices, waves and earthquakes,

and in the silence may you hear the whisper of the One who promises Peace that goes deeper than all understanding.

May Peace stand as a gatekeeper at the doorway of your heart and drive away anxious, fearful, stressed out thoughts – today and always.

friday 4 peace

When turmoil seeks to overwhelm may you feel sure in all the promises you have been given. May we all ask for and receive the Peace we are promised.



As the Day Breaks or the Evening Closes….

This quote always speaks to me – motormouth that I am!


Let us, then, labour for an inward stillness –

and inward stillness and an upward healing,

that perfect silence where the lips and heart are still,

and we no longer entertain our own imperfect thoughts and vain options,

but God alone speaks to us,

and we wait in singleness of heart,

that we may know His will,

and in the silence of our spirits,

that we may do His will and do that only.

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Today I am longing for singleness of heart – what a beautiful and whole place to be found.

May your heart, spirit, mind, body – may the whole of you have stillness and rest – even in the busy rush of Christmas planning.

And may that stillness protect, comfort and bring you Peace today.



I think perhaps Peace is the hardest of the all the Christmas promises to experience. Maybe it’s cultural…perhaps we have bought into a Christmas season that is all about doing everything, being everywhere and meeting demands for everything and everyone.


I’ve been thinking about hurricanes and storms lately. It doesn’t take much looking around the world, our community or even our lives to be confronted with the noise, fear and carnage of storms.

How’s a person to have peace in such a beat up, stressed out, broken down place?

Peace I give you; peace I leave with you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Today as I’ve sat to write the words whispering in my heart are the eye of the hurricane.

In a terrible storm, in the centre closest to the worst of winds and damage there is an eye – an eye that opens all the way to the top and beyond. While the storm can be so all-encompassing there is no way to view through it, there is an opening that widens as it ascends.

In that eye there are blue skies, low wind, peaceful conditions.

It’s danced like a song in my heart today – a promise of peace in the midst of the storm.

A place of safety where the blue of heaven touches the dust of earth.

A place that widens and opens out as it ascends.

And in the song are the words that sustain and give life to peace.

This is no fleeting peace – it is a life-giving, anchoring peace, peace that quiets my heart and settles around my shoulders like a korowai (cloak), a mantle of peace that I can shelter inside when the storms rage.

I am sitting with these words – like the heavens entered earth via the eye of the storm. Because the world has never been free from storms, from noise, from violence.

But….into the storm came the Prince of Peace. 

He dwelt with us in the storm. He remains with us in the storm and he will be our Peace.

Today my Advent word for myself is PEACE.

Peace that cannot be measured,

peace that passes human understanding,

peace that abides,

peace that will come again,

peace that will reign.


Today, as you anticipate Advent may you have Peace.

Peace that dwells in your heart.

Peace that surrounds like a cloak.

Peace that sustains.

Peace to you today, dear beloved one.