I’m Miriam Jessie – and I’m delighted to have your company. So you know a little about me I’m a loud laugher, fast talker, over-sharer. I’m a hopeful imperfect disciple. My heart beats for The Church, for us to Know God’s Love, to Share that Love and to do it with creativity, grace, joy and reverence.

I parent, I wife, I learn, I make, I mess-up.

I write, I speak, I perform, I teach.

I speak with a kiwi-accent and more excited or frustrated I get the kiwi-er I sound. On a good day I can do quite a good version of ‘the Queen’s English’.

You are really welcome. You may need make your own cup of tea (because I forget and it’s kind of hard to hand you one through the screen!). If I haven’t got baking to offer you I can pretty much guarantee there will be fair-trade dark chocolate we can share.

Thanks for joining me here, I’d love to get to know you better.

Be blessed, be encouraged, shine your light.

Miriam Jessie xx

** for images I use my own or I often find beautiful images on https://stocksnap.io/ – these images are available royalty and attribution free and I thank them for their generosity. I know the picture part isn’t a strength for me, but I’m learning.

*** if you would like to take/use an image from this site please ask first. :o)


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