when the order is wrong

I pile sheets and towels into the washing machine. Winding them around in a circle so as not to over balance them. I throw in some extras to fill the tub and then, at the bottom of the basket I see another sheet.

So, I take out the extras so make space for the important last sheet.

Isn’t that just like life? I’m juggling a thousand bits of everything and they so easily get tangled and over-balanced and I keep throwing in the extras to make it FULL.

Sometimes He calls me to take some things out. Sometimes when there’s less of everything there’s a chance to see something forgotten at the bottom of the stack, someone, some encouragement needed, some Peace, some rest I’m invited into. But if I want see it, if I want to accept that big invitation I need to take out some of the extras so I can have room.

I think it’s a question to ask – is there room for the forgotten one, the overlooked, the passed over – or is there just.too.much to have room?

Sometimes the fullest life has empty space, breathing space, resting space. Sometimes the FULL life is the life that has room to hear the invitation and respond.


3 thoughts on “when the order is wrong

  1. Oh this is so lovely! There will always be washing to do. Thank you for 'hanging yours on the line' for so many of us to share and enjoy. You bring a lot of encouragement and joy into so many lives.


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