The Light Will Go Green

Have you ever been stuck at the side street entrance to an intersection at night?

No one is coming the other way and yet your light, it seems, is perpetually red.

And you start to wonder if it will ever change.

And you start to consider running the red…. and then your thoughts start to justify the short-cut…. and you begin muttering under your breath and tapping the steering wheel.

But you know the truth – the light will go green.

Sometimes that light is so close to your destination, so close to the thing you want, the break you’ve been hoping for, so close you could almost just sneak through that red light and grab it.

Someone really clever developed those light systems – sensors, and wires and all sorts of somethings I can’t really get my head around. They aren’t subject to some whim of some guy at the lights desk who’s having a bad day.

Do you feel like that just now? That the light is red and you are held back against your will – desperate to short cut the system, overcome by feeling frustrated and annoyed and in some kind of hurry you can’t even explain?

This is the word whispered into my heart today – the light will go green

the light will go green

the light will go green

and muttering and huffing, and planning short cuts, and revving the engine, and entertaining frustration, and telling yourself everything you are missing out on because the light is red – these things won’t change anything




the light will go green

the designer can be trusted

the light will go green

don’t take a short cut,

at the right time

the light will go green

I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.
Philippians 1v4

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