What Would You Have Offered?

The little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus (not even, to one of the disciples actually) – this wild boy who started a mind boggling miracle. 5,000 people from a questionable cheese spread and cracker packet and a soft sandwich containing marmite and wilting lettuce – or something like that!

And I wonder how many mother’s in that crowd didn’t offer the bacon and egg pie they brought – thinking I’m making sure my kids get fed, these people should have been more organised.

I wonder if there were people in the crowd who didn’t offer their peanut butter sandwich reasoning some one might be nut intolerant.

I wonder if some didn’t offer theirs because ‘hello, what delusional person is going to think my filled roll will feed anyone other than me? Logic people.

I wonder who conveniently claimed they ‘don’t have any thing with me sorry’ because they felt confronted and offended by being asked to contribute when they had come to receive.

I wonder who felt too embarrassed to admit what they had with them for fear of judgement from the food police.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder….

and I wonder what stops me giving to the One I claim to trust

what halts my hand on it’s upward rise to indicate I have something right here

I have something you could use

a talent, a mite, a word, a prayer, a song, a dance, a sandwich, a hug

is it fear? is it shame? is it selfishness? is it logic? is it offence?

whatever the reason I am limiting my opportunity to be involved in some crazy miracle that will fill the world with a little more of his glory.

How can I do that? How can I be so preoccupied with myself that I miss out on changing the world.

I love that kid – maybe his mother tried to stop him? Maybe he was sick of fish for lunch and happy to hand it off? Maybe he was just a little bit of a mischief maker and he saw in the eyes of Jesus someone else who refused to look for excuses and good reasons and lived a little.

What’s in your lunchbox? There are some hungry people around you.


One thought on “What Would You Have Offered?

  1. I have been that person who holds back….and I have also been that person who lends forward, silencing my beloveds disgruntled noises with a look. Its hard to stand out. stand up, be your best 'you'. But it is what we should do – sometimes all we can do. And that's enough, its nothing really and yet its everything. Great reminder Miri xx


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