smuggled out

throughout history there have been people persecuted, hunted, haunted, mistreated

and there have been beautiful ones who have bravely thrown their own safe lives to the wind and smuggled, hidden, guided, served, met people and got them to safe pastures
things done in covert under the eyes of the oppressor
people whose lives make me realise the true high calling of loving another at the cost of all else.

And Jesus
Jesus who loved us while we were strangers in the mocking crowd
and he didn’t sneak into the enemies camp and smuggle us out
he marched right in and busted down the door with his perfect life that death could not contain
he turned the clock on death inside out
he broke the chains, turned on the lights, tore open the bars
and then he invited us all 
follow me
because when you follow him you find you have left the prison behind
the lock and key are broken, the victory is won, the only thing that remains is the response to the invitation
follow me

it doesn’t mean the journey will be easy or the going always clearly charted – there will be leaps of faith, and laying down and turning the other cheek, there will be mourning and tribulation – but all in freedom
the debt is paid
the chains are gone
the love is free
and I am chasing after this freedom fighter because my very life is held in his hands
and may we all know it loud in our hearts that we don’t need the key, we needn’t fashion our own way out because the locks, all our locks, are broken
the victory is already won and all the keys are held by The One


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