for the mamas with shaking hearts

It’s easy to lose sight of the light,

it’s easy for a mama’s heart to be filled to overflowing with the stories of the terror on the peripheries.

Sometimes it just whispers and hounds at your heels this world you’ve willingly brought your babies into,

and the thunderclouds of political rumblings and wars and rumours of wars and collapsing relationships around you

oh the weight of these things we want to shield our beautiful babes from

on those days remember little mama you are not alone;

mamas have come and they have lived and loved with all the fierceness of a mother’s heart,
they have grieved and cheered and felt so swollen with the joy of their little ones it threatened to burst out of them,

we live on, us mamas

and we see the thunderclouds and sometimes those thunderclouds take up residence in our hearts
they rumble and taunt us with the faces of our babes in their clutches

fear not loving mamas

fear not 

we live in and under the hand of the One who has never forsaken his own

we have forsaken him

but He is faithful and it is not the nature of God to change

when John opens we are reminded of Jesus – eternal one

Everything that was created 
received its life from him,
and his life gave life to everyone.
The light keeps shining in the dark,
and the darkness has never put it out.

Read those words again my anxious heart – the darkness has never put it out, never.

Because the clouds might be real or imagined – they may be the hugeness of a world groaning for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed, or those clouds might be hanging on the walls of your home creeping under the doorways like winter winds.

But you are held. You are held by the One who has never abandoned the ones who run to him.

and just in case we forget, after Jesus has spelled his commitment in the blood of his body he says, ‘Surely I am with you, always.’

Never forsaken, Always present.

So today when your heart wobbles look to the light, because the light is there and the darkness has never been able to extinguish it.

This light, our light, the eternal One.
This is your peace, this is your answer to your anxiousness.

God, that we would see your light, that we would rest in your faithfulness and that we would wage our wars with the reassurance we will never be forsaken to the battle ground. 
You, you are our peace and our inheritance, our joy forever.
We love you, even as we are loved by you.


One thought on “for the mamas with shaking hearts

  1. This is such a beautiful, hopeful, truthful reminder. You are gifted with a beautiful ability to encourage and communicate the truth. Thank you for these words…they've lifted my eyes from the fearful worries of being a mum xxx


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