Friday three:For Farewells

It’s Friday so it must be time to bless you. ūüôā

It seems pertinent in my life right now to have a blessing for goodbyes. Moving lands comes with more goodbyes than one might feel emotionally equipped for.

A blessing for Farewells:

May there be a sustaining joy of shared memories in our goodbye,

May we live without regrets of said or unsaid words,

In the empty spaces may we find courage to give our friendship to others, knowing how we need it too.

May our new friendships bring us richness and side-aching laughter,

May we meet again some day in some joyful reunion,

And, if our paths do not cross again, may you be always held in the sweet, enduring embrace of God and may his love fill all the lonely places in your heart.

blessing for farewells

Whatever farewells you are saying right now may they be good farewells – farewells that are sad because of richness shared. Be blessed and may peace reign in your heart today xxx



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