Friday Four: For Peace

It can be all too easy to start the year holding on to calm when we are on holiday and relaxed – then reality comes crashing in and all that peace we thought was ours to keep, disappears.

If your peace has vanished like a vapour this is my blessing for you.

A Blessing for Peace

May you have the courage to stop and be still in the midst of pressing deadlines,

May your heart beat loud the message you are loved outside of what you do and achieve,

May there be a silence that defeats the roaring of voices, waves and earthquakes,

and in the silence may you hear the whisper of the One who promises Peace that goes deeper than all understanding.

May Peace stand as a gatekeeper at the doorway of your heart and drive away anxious, fearful, stressed out thoughts – today and always.

friday 4 peace

When turmoil seeks to overwhelm may you feel sure in all the promises you have been given. May we all ask for and receive the Peace we are promised.




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