Friday Six: When You Feel Small

Hello Dear Hearts,

Today I want to bless you for those times when you feel small. The times you inadvertently blurt out the wrong thing, when someone shames you, when you feel embarrassed by your own lack. The times you have no quick reply and you feel the shrinking of shame and the burn of hurt and anger.

For When You Feel Small:

May you know the solidarity of others who feel shame with you,

May you have grace to forgive the one who hurts and shames you, even when you are that person.

May you have courage to stand, head high, knowing all of us have been found wanting.

May your heart tell truth that this feeling shall too pass and this damage is not irrevocable.

And may God whisper encouragement that He specialises in choosing the weak to shame the wise.

friday 6

Today may we all be givers of grace and receivers of kindness, remembering we are all weak, imperfect and wonderfully made.



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