Friday Seven: For Joy

It sounds so simple joy, three little letters. Like some sweet old lady who knits booties and hums  about Saints Marching In. Like air bubbles wiggling their way to the top as a plastic bottle is submerged at children’s bath time. Like some sweet, fleeting thing – a kite let go that escapes with a gust of wind, but I think it’s more.

Joy is the thing that holds us fast when we are anything but happy. Joy can still sing a song to our hearts when sorrows are heavy in our lap. Joy sustains.

Today I want to bless you with joy.

For Joy:

May you have joy that remains in the midst of difficulty,

and your heart be continually served a feast of joy.

May you know a joy that sustains and strengthens you all the days of your life,

and when your heart is heavy may you have friends to help you find the source of supernatural joy once more.

friday seven joy

Joy for you today, and always dear hearts.



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