Friday Eight: For Searching

Our lives are not a one time arrival. We search for so many things – great and small. The lost keys, the purpose of life. St Augustine penned one of my favourite ever quotes, ‘Our hearts are made for you and they are restless until they find their rest in you.’

Maybe your search today is small.

Maybe you’ve tired of looking for the big thing that seems impossible to find.

Today I want to bless you in the search.

For Searching

May you have courage to look in unexpected places, to keep your mind and heart open to trying again, and again.

May you have humility to release your previous misconceptions when you find unexpected answers.

May your journey bring you the things you seek and more than you could have imagined,

and may you have the joy of finding those who ask find, those who seek discover and those that knock find the door opened and themselves welcomed in.

friday 8 searching

Today and always may we be unafraid of asking questions, listening to advice and may there be unexplainable joy in the finding.

so much love and affection for you today, wherever you find yourself.


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