Family Eastering – Silver Coins

Simply making more of DIY resurrection eggs.

Three: Silver Coins – Bribery and Heart Treasure


Verse: Matthew 27 v 3 – 4

Judas had betrayed Jesus, but when he learned that Jesus had been sentenced to death, he was sorry for what he had done. He returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and leaders and said, “I have sinned by betraying a man who has never done anything wrong.”

Activity Ideas:

Ask your child to do a job for you, offer them money or a reward to do it. Depending on their age some kind of extra chore – emptying the dishwasher, putting clothes away, writing to a grandparent…. Then ask your child to do something they know they shouldn’t do – meanness, messing up a siblings room… offer them a reward or money to do this too (your knowledge of your child will come into play here!). How do they respond?


There were two different things I asked you to do today in order to get a reward or money from me. One of those things was a ‘honest job’ it was a good thing to do. One of those things was a bad thing to do and you knew it was a wrong choice. Did you want to do it anyway to get a reward? It can be very tempting to do the wrong thing. Judas took a bribe to do something he knew was bad. He took money to betray his friend Jesus. Was that an honest job? (discuss).

In our lives we can let wanting things and money get in the way of doing the right thing. When we start to put getting money and things ahead of loving people we are on a pathway that is not good. It will stop us from being able to love God with all of our hearts.


Sometimes God having things and wanting money is something I think about a lot. Help me to always love you and to always love people more than I love and want things and money. Let my heart grow bigger with your love for people.

May we all come with fresh eyes to the story we know so well, may we let the truths soak deep down and take root, and may these truths breathe life into our daily comings and goings.

These reflections are not exhaustive they are simply a way to add extra thoughtfulness to your Easter celebrations. I hope they bless you dear families. x

Resurrection Eggs

One – Palm Branches

Two – Bread


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