Family Eastering – the Cross

Simply making more of DIY resurrection eggs.

Six: The Cross – The Exchange


Verse: John 19v17

And he carried his cross to a place known as “The Skull.” In Aramaic this place is called “Golgotha.”


Make a simple cross using strips of paper or harakeke (flax) or bendable card. There are some good instructions for a simple one here. Talk about what the cross was and answer any questions that your children want to ask about the cross.


A cross is made from wood and comes of course from a tree. The tree is a very important symbol or picture in the Bible. It stands for life as well as death. Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve decided to take something from a tree that wasn’t theirs. The power of sin ended when Jesus took something that wasn’t his, our sins, and put them back on a tree by dying on a cross. Adam and Eve chose to be disobedient and do something bad, Jesus chose to be obedient for us.


Thank you Jesus that you took the blame and punishment for my sin even though it wasn’t yours. Help me to bring you all my problems because I know you care about everything.


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