Family Eastering – Sign

Simply making more of DIY resurrection eggs.

Day 8: The Sign – Who is Jesus?


Verse: Mark 15 v 26

The written notice of the charge against him read: the king of the jews.


Make a sign together with your names on it, add in a surname and a description. Eg. Rosie Smith, gorgeous singing voice.


During the trial and crucifixion (killing) of Jesus lots of things happened that tell us more about who Jesus is. Look at the name signs we made. Do they tell us everything about you? No – just a little bit. The sign that was put on the cross above Jesus didn’t tell us everything about Jesus. It didn’t say King of all Kings, or Prince of Peace, or Good Shepherd, or God with Us – these are all names the Bible uses to describe Jesus. It could have also described Jesus as a miracle worker, a healer, someone who fed others, someone who included people who were left out… so many things. Each of the names of Jesus help us to understand more about who he is.

You can also include things like Lion of the Tribe of Judah (explain this is like an iwi or hapu) and symbolic of leadership and power.

The more we get to know Jesus through the Bible and prayer the better we understand who he is and how much he is able to change our lives and love us.


Jesus you are amazing. You are the King of Kings and your are our saviour. We love and worship you. Help us to know you better and understand more about how wonderful you are.

May we all come with fresh eyes to the story we know so well, may we let the truths soak deep down and take root, and may these truths breathe life into our daily comings and goings.

These reflections are not exhaustive they are simply a way to add extra thoughtfulness to your Easter celebrations. I hope they bless you dear families. x


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