Family Eastering – Sponge and Spear

Simply making more of DIY resurrection eggs.

Day 9: Sponge and Spear – definitely dead

sponge and spear

Verse: John 19 v 29, 33-34

A jar of cheap wine was there. Someone then soaked a sponge with the wine and held it up to Jesus’ mouth on the stem of a hyssop plant.

But when they came to Jesus, they saw that he was already dead, and they did not break his legs. One of the soldiers stuck his spear into Jesus’ side, and blood and water came out.


Experiment with drinking from different sources – from a flannel dipped in water, sipping through a straw, gulping from a cup, catching water from a hose/jug in your mouths.


When Jesus was offered a drink on the sponge some people say it was to help with pain but Jesus chose not to take it.

Later on after Jesus had risen from the dead some people would try to say that he hadn’t actually died he just fainted. First of all people saw he was dead and then the soldier also pushed a spear into his body which would have definitely killed him if he wasn’t already dead. Because Jesus actually died we know that he has taken our sins away and defeated death.


Thank you Jesus that you died and when you died you took away our sin and pain with you. Thank you that death was not strong enough to keep you and when you rose again you conquered death forever.

May we all come with fresh eyes to the story we know so well, may we let the truths soak deep down and take root, and may these truths breathe life into our daily comings and goings.

These reflections are not exhaustive they are simply a way to add extra thoughtfulness to your Easter celebrations. I hope they bless you dear families. x


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